Hacking Perl

By | 2008/11/18

As I mentioned in yesterdays post, I have begun studying perl.  I’m actually enjoying it quite a bit, and picking things up fairly quickly I think.  I’m sure my familiarity with bash scripting helps quite a bit.

This morning I hacked together an irssi script for origami users that will let you display your current work unit progress percentage within irssi chat.  I’d like some feedback on it.

If you are using irssi and have origami running on the same machine please check out my plugin and let me know what can be improved.

Download origami.pl v0.2


download and save the above script into ~/.irssi/scripts

To load the script:

/script load origami.pl

To get the origami work unit status:


To unload the script:

/script unload origami

2 thoughts on “Hacking Perl

  1. Axon

    Nice script! Basic but useful. Really shows how great perl is! 😀

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