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Hacking Perl

As I mentioned in yesterdays post, I have begun studying perl.  I’m actually enjoying it quite a bit, and picking things up fairly quickly I think.  I’m sure my familiarity with bash scripting helps quite a bit. This morning I hacked together an irssi script for origami users that will let you display your current… Read More »

Regex Challenge

Over the weekend I started studying Perl and quickly realized I was going to be better off if I reviewed regular expressions before I got too far into things.  I went back and found my copy of “Mastering Regular Expressions” and dove right in.  Now, maybe its just me, but I find that I really… Read More »

Project Update Announcements

I wanted to quickly toss something out there for all of you on the interweb.  I spent some time last evening cleaning up a few of my code projects.  If you have been using either of them you may want to update. apturl for Gnome Do I spent some time in the #gnome-do channel last… Read More »

Can You Improve This Command Line Magic?

Today I needed to come up with some more command line magic. You might remember the post I did about digging out of holes with some command line magic. Today’s goal was to do some math, or more specifically, find an average of numbers based from data in a text file. I asked around in… Read More »