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GNOME Sysadmin Hackfest – SCaLE 9x

We’ve been working hard on the list we’ve assigned ourselves in the GNOME Sysadmin Hackfest. So far we’ve made a large number of commits to our puppet configuration tree, as well as got two new servers installed. A large number of our web services are now migrated to a new RHEL6 based web server, which… Read More »

GNOME Sysadmin Hackfest – Day 1

Today I’m at SCALE in Las Angeles. I’m here for a few reasons, including as a Speaker on Sunday morning, to help manage the GNOME Foundation exhibition booth, and to participate in the GNOME Sysadmin Hackfest. As the staff GNOME Sysadmin I proposed and planned a Sysadmin Hackfest that would allow us to work on… Read More »

GNOME 2.32 Released!

I am happy to announce that GNOME 2.32 has now officially been released! This release is a bit smaller than what you’ve come to expect, but that is simply because most of the focus is on the upcoming GNOME 3.x series! I want to congratulate the entire GNOME team for all of their hard work… Read More »

Disable Login Screen User List Ubuntu

I recently wrote an article outlining how to remove the login screen user list in the KDE login screen. This article outlines the same steps, but specific to the GNOME login screen. The instructions here have been tested on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS as well as Ubuntu 9.10. If you would prefer to remove the user… Read More »

GNOME 2.30 Released

I am happy to pass on the announcement that GNOME has released 2.30, and exactly on schedule! This release brings a number of great improvements that I’m sure you’ll be happy with in the upcoming Ubuntu release. Because Ubuntu bases its releases after the GNOME release schedule, each GNOME release means an Ubuntu release is… Read More »

What Is The Best GNOME Desktop Theme?

What is the best GNOME Desktop theme? I’ve been using the Shiki theme (Shiki-Brave) for some time now. You may recall that I wrote about it in My Ubuntu Look and Feel as well as How To Install Shiki-Colors Theme in Ubuntu. After seeing some recent posts on other blogs regarding some of the potential… Read More »

Reset GNOME Keyring Password on Ubuntu

Reset GNOME Keyring Password on Ubuntu This post is an update to an article I wrote some years ago. There have been some changes in the configuration between now and then, so I felt this warranted an update. The original article in question is: Clearing or Resetting the GNOME keyring. This article addresses the issue… Read More »