Thinking About Covering More Than Just Ubuntu…

By | 2009/03/03

I’ve been doing some thinking about how I might be able to light a fire under this blog again and get back to a regular post schedule.  I feel like I’ve exhausted much of the Ubuntu subect matter that this blog has generally focused on.  In that regard I’ve been tempted to post a number of technical artices that relate to other *NIX systems, such as CentOS, FreeBSD, Arch Linux, etc.  The main reason that I have not is that the historic content and name of the blog make me feel like I’m limited to Ubuntu related content as much as possible.  (As well as being syndicated on the Ubuntu Planet)

So I am curious to hear back from you regarding your thoughts on opening this blog up to additional topics and platforms.

This would include many tips and tricks I’ve come across in working on RHEL/CentOS at work for the past six months as well as other systems I’ve been tinkering with, like FreeBSD, Gentoo and Arch Linux.

I realize there may be topics that extend beyond the current reader base, but my hope is that it’ll become a resource for much more than just the Ubuntu crowd.  We are all in the same boat after all.

I’m going to sit on this for a bit.. please comment and let me know your thoughts.  If you are open to the idea, what topics, distributions or tools are you interested in?

25 thoughts on “Thinking About Covering More Than Just Ubuntu…

  1. jebus

    Go for it. After two and a half years of using Ubuntu as my choice of OS I’m sick of it. It would be good to have other *NIX systems covered.

  2. Conor

    Well, I think there are a lot of more general nixy things you could cover, like filesystem maintenance, bash scripting, backups, inter-OS compatibility, even KDE versus GNOME crap. Basically, I support a broadening of the subject matter, but not when it would immediately narrow back down to other OSes.

    Or maybe I just haven’t backread you enough! Fantastic resource you have going here now, though. Thanks for trying to keep it fresh!

  3. dart

    Yes, as Conor says, you could properly cover loads of that are general GNU/Linux matters that apply to Ubuntu.

    Same is true of general ‘Debian-type’ matters that are relevant to a number of related distros, including Ubuntu; and you could then draw examples from distros other than Ubuntu.

    Thanks for your continuing efforts to support the community, and for your thoughtfulness about how to make this even better.

  4. dave

    i personally think currently you are not working on ubuntu much of your time so you want to write about redhat or whatever distribution you are working on which is not fair there are so many blogs write about other linux distributions.

    You blog title is completely related to ubuntu so i don’t think it make any sense other than giving you some money

  5. Dun

    Man, stick to the Ubuntu stuff…I really like it….if you want to do other distros…then do them in relation to Ubuntu.

    Ubuntu still needs a lot of people pushing it and making it understandable for newbies like me.

  6. alexandremrj

    I’ve been reading this blog for a while and I think you can cover other things without leaving the name of the blog.

    When people come to this blog they want help with Gnome or something in the command-line so it also relates to Ubuntu in some way.

    My advice is to grow with your interests or else you will always be holding back.

  7. Ricardo

    I think it is great idea, that the readers know a bit more about more general thing (including other distros, so they can feel happier to see that ubuntu is better, or they can switch easily)
    Beside, I think there are many more blogs about ubuntu than about other less known distros

    I am personally interested in opensuse and Arch

  8. Max Randor

    Write about any random unixy stuff that is intersting/cool and I will read it (via rss). I think you can use tags to restrict what ends up on the Ubuntu Planet? As that should be just Ubuntu stuff.
    I find reading your blog interesting so keep going.

  9. Vadim P.

    Feel free to write about anything, just keep Planet Ubuntu clean please.

    By the way, your openid is broken.

  10. Jeff Schroeder

    Why don’t you focus on generic Posix / Linux tricks *instead* of distribution specific tricks?

    Stuff like shell tricks or really handy commands most people aren’t aware of.

    Something like the lsof or timestamping posts from:

    Maybe you could do one on rarely talked about but very handy shell utilities. Two to get you started are “ss” and “tload”.

  11. Joachim Schrader

    I love this blog, and I’m a subscriber using Google Reader.

    With GR I’m subscribing to lots of other *nix feeds, and I think it’s great to have them seperated.

    If I’m looking for “Ubuntu only”-tutorials I only search this feed/blog.

    Keep up the good work and “never change a winning team” 🙂


  12. dagamant

    Im a big fan of Ubuntu but i also like specialty distros like geexbox or vortexbox. i think some of those would be good to mention once in a while. I also wouldnt mind hearing about Fedora and openSuse.

  13. Ross

    I’ve been reading the ubuntu planet for a couple of years now and I would MUCH rather read about other distros than have to read those annoying memes and peoples’ political views and other stuff not even related to linux or technology for that matter.

  14. Josh

    I agree with Conor, dart, and others: you could easily cover a lot of material that is related to Ubuntu without going into specific or exclusive details on other distros. The primary reason I subscribe to this blog is because it is Ubuntu-centric. If you’re itching to write to a much broader audience, I suggest starting another blog.

  15. eggyknap

    I really need a good resource for running large networks of BeOS virtual machines. Can you help? 🙂

  16. toddmb

    I agree that this blog should continue to be about Ubuntu. However, I can see how related content from other linux distro’s could be helpful here as well, but geared toward Ubuntu.
    Let’s face it, the reason we all come here is for the content. And I use both Ubuntu and Mint. So there are Ubuntu cousin distro’s out there. 😀

  17. pingpongboss

    Go for it. I’ve been a long time Ubuntu user, and just recently discovered Gentoo. Having experience with multiple distros is definately a good thing.

  18. Aaron Toponce

    You knew I was going to comment, didn’t you? 🙂

    The URL of this blog is “”, so if you want to post some distro-specific tutorials other than Ubuntu tutorials, you’ll have to do it elsewhere, I’m afraid.

    However, there is a way that you can pass it off, without anyone noticing. Post generic stuff that works on Gentoo, FreeBSD, CentOS, and Ubuntu. If the tutorial works on Ubuntu, then you could easily keep blogging under this domain, you could post all the *nix stuff you could handle, and you would be satisfying your readers.

    My opinion? Keep it generic, rather than distro-specific. Keep it here, and keep it frequent. You’ve got a good blog up, one of the hottest in the Ubuntu scene. I think you’d hate to lose it.

  19. nnonix

    You can post about anything you wish but keep the “other distro” items off the Ubuntu Planet unless of course it’s something that works in Ubuntu as well. NO PLANET SPAM!

  20. Dotan Cohen

    I’d like to see you do some Kubuntu articles. Now that KDE 4.2 is _finally_ ready for the end user (KDE 4.0 and 4.1 were not meant for end users) I’d like to see you do a full review of Kubuntu 9.04, and in another post compare it to Ubuntu 9.04.

  21. Michael Craft

    I say start another blog, and make it about general *nix stuff. I stopped using Ubuntu 2 years ago, it would be nice to hear about other OSes in the *nix family.

    1. Christer Edwards Post author

      @Michael – I’ll write up a formal announcement about it soon, but I have started compiling a lot of my non-ubuntu related notes on a second blog, So far there is a fair amount of FreeBSD stuff, but it’ll quickly start expanding with CentOS, arch, etc.

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