Ubuntu 9.10 “Karmic Koala” Torrents Available Here

By | 2009/11/01

As you’re probably aware, Ubuntu 9.10 was released on Oct 29th, 2009. The best way to download these new images is by way of bittorrent.
Whether you are looking for the latest LiveCD, Server installation or Netbook Remix, we’ve got your torrents here. See the list below to find
your preferred image and start downloading! Please remember to seed once you’re finished, at least 2:1.


Ubuntu 9.10 Alternate (text-based) 32bit Torrent

Ubuntu 9.10 Alternate (text-based) 64bit Torrent

Ubuntu 9.10 Desktop (LiveCD) 32bit Torrent

Ubuntu 9.10 Desktop (LiveCD) 64bit Torrent

Ubuntu 9.10 Netbook Remix 32bit Torrent

Ubuntu 9.10 Moblin Remix 32bit Torrent


Kubuntu 9.10 Alternate (text-based) 32bit Torrent

Kubuntu 9.10 Alternate (text-based) 64bit Torrent

Kubuntu 9.10 Desktop (LiveCD) 32bit Torrent

Kubuntu 9.10 Desktop (LiveCD) 64bit Torrent

Kubuntu 9.10 Netbook Remix 32bit Torrent


Xubuntu 9.10 Alternate (text-based) 32bit Torrent

Xubuntu 9.10 Alternate (text-based) 64bit Torrent

Xubuntu 9.10 Desktop (LiveCD) 32bit Torrent

Xubuntu 9.10 Desktop (LiveCD) 64bit Torrent

Ubuntu Studio

Ubuntu Studio 9.10 Alternate (text-based) 32bit Torrent

Ubuntu Studio 9.10 Alternate (text-based) 64bit Torrent

Ubuntu Server

Ubuntu 9.10 Server 32bit Torrent

Ubuntu 9.10 Server 64bit Torrent


Mythbuntu 9.10 Desktop 32bit Torrent

Mythbuntu 9.10 Desktop 64bit Torrent


Edubuntu 9.10 DVD 32bit Torrent

Edubuntu 9.10 DVD 64bit Torrent

If I missed any, please let me know and I’ll add them. I’d like this list to be a definitive list of all available 9.10 torrents!

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  1. ashish

    how to enable sound system of HP pavilion 6000 series laptops with ubuntu ?

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