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Configure Automatic Updates : Ubuntu Server

Configure Automatic Updates : Ubuntu Server Ubuntu Server allows you to activate automatic updates during the initial installation process. This setting configures your system to automatically download and install security updates. This system is configurable and this tutorial will outline how to enable it if you hadn’t previously, disable it if you no longer want… Read More »

Watch Log Files in Realtime

A very useful tool in any kind of troubleshooting is checking out the log files. Whether you’re troubleshooting a system problem, monitoring a mail server or simply checking the visitors for a web server the log files are your best friend. There are a few ways to handle this. Probably the most common command used… Read More »

Apt-Cacher: Revisited

Apt-Cacher Ubuntu : Revisited I’m sure that I’ve mentioned a number of times that the bandwidth speeds at my house are pretty horrible. It is very frustrating to have such a limited pipe considering the amount of work I do that requires bandwidth. Based on this limitation I regularly come up with ways to conserve… Read More »

Configure BIND 9 For IPv4 (or IPv6) Only

I’m running a slave DNS server on the machine that runs this website.  It is one of three DNS servers (one master, two slaves) that I have running for my multiple domains.  I recently noticed from my Logwatch output that it was having issues with IPv6 lookups and these were causing timeouts and putting extra… Read More »

Monitor System Logs With Logwatch

I mentioned in a recent post regarding postfix smtp via Gmail that I use the logwatch utility for monitoring my systems.  Ever since I found this utility I have really enjoyed the daily snapshot that it gives me of each of my systems, whether local or remote.  Everything from package installed and removed, to security… Read More »

Configuring AWStats on Ubuntu Server

Last nite I sat down and configured AWStats on my Ubuntu 7.10 server. I had previously been using statcounter, a free stat service, but I had noticed that it was one of the causes of slowdown on my page loads. Having to access an external site and javascript wasn’t helping. I also run the server… Read More »