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Apt-Cacher: Revisited

Apt-Cacher Ubuntu : Revisited I’m sure that I’ve mentioned a number of times that the bandwidth speeds at my house are pretty horrible. It is very frustrating to have such a limited pipe considering the amount of work I do that requires bandwidth. Based on this limitation I regularly come up with ways to conserve… Read More »

Add PPA Key To Your Apt Keyring

I know many of you use Launchpad’s “Personal Package Archive” for updated and beta packages. I have about a half-dozen configured on my machine to give me the latest and greatest of my favorite applications. The one problem with a PPA though is that the packages can’t be verified when downloaded because you don’t have… Read More »

AptURL : Web Based Package Installation

Some of you may have seen some recent posts around the Ubuntu Planet about the new AptURL project that is default in Ubuntu 7.10 “Gutsy”. I wanted to make a few comments about it myself after tinkering with it a little. I think the project and idea is pretty cool and I hope it sees… Read More »

Getting the source package with aptitude?

Ever since I learned about the benefits of aptitude vs apt-get I’ve switched over. It’s been great and I’m sure I’ve preached about the benefits before (/me does some digging and pulls up links) here. Well, I ran into something yesterday that I haven’t been able to solve with aptitude. Is it possible to pull… Read More »

Package Management with APT : Ubuntu (all versions)

Package Management with APT If you’ve read any of my previous posts you know they all take advantage of APT to install or upgrade packages. If you’ve spent more than a few hours using Ubuntu you’ve probably taken advantage of APT. Anytime you add, remove or upgrade part of your system you’re using APT. I… Read More »