Add PPA Key To Your Apt Keyring

By | 2009/05/14

I know many of you use Launchpad’s “Personal Package Archive” for updated and beta packages. I have about a half-dozen configured on my machine to give me the latest and greatest of my favorite applications. The one problem with a PPA though is that the packages can’t be verified when downloaded because you don’t have the GPG imported into your Apt Keyring. The following command is a template that you can use to import whatever PPA based keys you have warnings on:

sudo apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-keys <key id>

You can gather the <key id> in the output of:

sudo apt-get update

You should see the warnings, along with the key id at the bottom of the output.

For each GPG key that you get a warning on, run the command above, and you’ll stop seeing the warnings. You will have imported that team/project’s GPG key into your keyring, considering them trusted.

7 thoughts on “Add PPA Key To Your Apt Keyring

  1. Lorenz

    I'm really grateful for that, thank you!

  2. Kevin Shenk

    Excelent! I’ve looked long and hard for a simple single-line command like this! You helped me out so much! Thank-you!

  3. Marcel

    This and many similar howtos entirely omit the possibility of being behind an authentication requiring proxy.

  4. Irfad

    Thank you. This helped me alot in installing jdownloader on my Ubuntu.

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