Ubuntu 6.06 LTS : Desktop Guide

By | 2006/06/27

As per Aarons suggestion a few posts back I ordered the Ubuntu Desktop Guide for the very cheap price of ~$8 (shipped). Apparently they only charge for the price of printing & shipping and make no profit. They also offer a Server Guide, Packaging Guide, Kubuntu and Xubuntu guides plus local editions printed in a long list of other languages.

It isn’t a large book, roughly 100 pages. I’ve skimmed thru it and it looks like a great guide for any new Ubuntu/Linux user. Granted there isn’t anything in this book that I didn’t already know (and didn’t expect there would be), this will be a great guide to refer new users to or share. It would be a great companion at an install fest! (granted I’d need to buy a few more!)

This guide covers the basics & history of Linux, the basics of file structures, permissions, adding & removing packages, repositories and then everything from using your iPod to P2P to Instant Messaging to more advanced questions like wireless card support & partitioning.

The entire book is written very basically & is very easy to understand. I am sure if I gave this book to my dad he’d be able to easily find answers to all of the basic questions a new Linux user has.

For anyone that regularly shares & teaches basic Linux, especially Ubuntu, this is a great book to have.

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