Open Discussion Day

By | 2007/05/08

I wanted to post a note and show my support, yet again, for the Open Discussion day on May 19th.  Last year I took part on a personal level and made the switch to Jabber only for IM purposes.  I gave some notice to my contacts and even wrote up a quick outline of how they would still be able to communicate with me.  Since that time I have only used Jabber and don’t miss any of the other proprietary platforms.  I’ve also been able to recruit quite a few people with me.

I invite everyone to take part in this years Open Discussion day, even if it is just for the day, to help raise awareness for open protocols.  People won’t know unless we take the time to tell them and it all comes down to you.  Remember the power that one person has in the free software community.  Whether its creating programs, raising awareness or building community we all play a part.  Please do what you can this May 19th, Open Discussion Day.


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