Folding 0.6 “Awesomely Awesome!” Released

By | 2007/12/20

Well, its time again for another update. This release, version 0.6, is a MAJOR update from all previous versions. This is one that I’m really proud of and I’ve tested pretty heavily. To give you an idea, I installed Stanford’s Folding @ Home client to ten machines on my network–all different distributions–by running one command. Complete automation locally or remotely is what I’m after with this release! Let’s dive right in with the additions in this release!

  • Eight new features added in 0.6!
  • Features now divided into local and remote
  • 32bit or 64bit support (32bit by default)
  • Installer now takes username and team as (optional) settings at installation
  • Network deployment tool is now much smarter and more flexible
  • Network tools read from a local .foldingrc file (list of IPs or resolvable hostnames)
  • Network deployment allows for same same features of local installation (username, team, 64bit)
  • Local – installation, renaming, archiving, restoring, monitoring and removal
  • Remote – installation, renaming, archiving, restoring, monitoring and removal
  • Re-wrote README file completely for clarity
  • Installer will now check and fail if already installed
  • Tested on Ubuntu 6.06-8.04 alpha1, RHEL5, Fedora 6-8, centOS 5, Oracle Enterprise 4, Foresight 1.4.1, SLES 10, openSUSE 10.1

Big thanks to the “awesomely awesome” Stuart Jansen for help on this release. I’d still be pulling my hair out on getopts if it weren’t for your help!

It is very much suggested to update to this release for all the added features. note: to update simply overwrite your current with the new version. Re-installation is not needed.

I would appreciate any feedback anyone has on What features would you like to see added/removed? What bugs have you found, etc. Please submit any questions or bugs to

Download can be downloaded via the following two images or via bzr:



bzr branch