Edit The Applications Menu With Two-Clicks : Ubuntu 8.04

By | 2008/07/10

Do you have applications in your main menu that you never, ever use?  Would you like to get rid of them?  Perhaps you’d like to reorganize some of your menu entries?  This can be done two ways, both of which take only two-clicks.

Editing The Main Menu

Method number one is done via right-click + left-click.  Bring your pointer to your main menu and right-click on Applications.  Within the resulting options you should see “Edit Menus”.  Left-click on that and the Main Menu Editor will appear.  You’ll now be able to edit the items displayed in your menus by simply checking and unchecking boxes.  You can even add new items if, for some reason, your installed application did not create one.

main menu editor

Method number two is probably even simpler, but I outline Method One above because I’ve had situations where the Main Menu Editor did not appear within my menu.  Sure makes it difficult to add the Main Menu Editor to the menu when you can’t get there in the first place!

To launch the Main Menu Editor navigate to:

System > Preferences > Main Menu

Either of these methods will launch the same tool and give you the same options.  As I mentioned above, I’m glad I know both methods because there have been times when “Main Menu” did not appear within my menu for some reason.  This way you’re always able to find it.

8 thoughts on “Edit The Applications Menu With Two-Clicks : Ubuntu 8.04

  1. Anand Sharma

    For some bizarre reason, either of the two approaches yields no result. Do you know the name of the process that gets kicked off so that I can see if it’s even in ‘ps aux’

  2. Carol

    It’s called Menu Editor (Main Menu on the System menu of my Ubuntu), and I wish it worked better. I’ve had all sorts of problems. Erratic behavior when trying to turn menu options on or off. Menu options disappearing. Very disheartening. Google “menu editor problems” and you’ll see I’m not the only one. I wish I had left the original menus alone. Very disappointing.

  3. Alex

    How do you get your Gnome fonts to look so clean? Do a post on that 🙂

  4. Daniel Raffel

    Can you get to it from the command line if so how? my menu’s disappeared after Menu Editor got stuck and had to reboot 🙁

  5. simon

    Alacarte (aka Menu Editor) really sucks. It is far and away my least favourite thing about Gnome (and, therefore, about Ubuntu). It has pretty much the worst usability of any Gnome program I’ve ever used, frequently fails to work properly, and makes the most awful mess of crap in the configuration files (which I have to go and hand-edit when it screws something up). Part of the problem is Alacarte itself, and part of the problem is the freedesktop.org menu specifications and standards. But it adds up to a real p.i.t.a.

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