Please Insert 25 Cents To Login

By | 2008/07/13

I found a new Gnome Easter egg the other day.  Just when I thought I knew about all of them (yeah, I know, some Gnome developer is sitting back in the corner laughing about all the Easter Eggs we *don’t* know about!) I find a few more.

This one will require you to logout and log back in, but its worth the slight hiccup.

At the login prompt, where it asks for a username, enter: Require Quarter

The username and password prompt will then follow as normal, but you’ll get a quick surprise before you’re logged in.


10 thoughts on “Please Insert 25 Cents To Login

  1. a

    It works with “Switch User,” too, if you have a second account and don’t want to actually log out.

  2. Clair

    This is cool! I also want to ask how you stumbled upon this 🙂

  3. Roo

    Hmm I tried this and now GNOME won’t work anymore. The screen blacks out and I’m returned to the login screen.

    Anyway of fixing this?

  4. DF

    Any idea how an admin might push this to all machines from a command line? 😉

  5. Darwin Survivor

    All it needs is a way to require an actual quarter to be inserted. Something like waiting for a signal from a serial port, then to lock the screen after a timeout.

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