any tips for libnotify trouble?

By | 2007/05/15

Many of you know that I use irssi for my irc client.  It’s the best.  (If you haven’t tried it you really should.  Check out my previous tutorials here and here.)

You may also remember all that talk going around some time ago about an irssi notify script tied into libnotify.  I use that as well (see previous information here).

The problem is, and it’s something I’m hoping one of you can help me solve, is that I tend to run irssi within gnome-terminal in full screen (F11 key), and minus a menubar.  No GUI distractions for this guy!  I have noticed that if gnome-terminal is in full screen mode libnotify will not give me the messages.  It’s as if full screen is now taking all screen priority.

Does anyone know of any tweaks or settings I could change?  Maybe in gconf-editor or gnome-terminal itself?  Maybe a flag in libnotify?

I’d really appreciate if someone could help me solve this… so that I can sink deeper and deeper into my GUI-less world.

Again, how can I get libnotify to show me the visual notification if I’m in full screen gnome-terminal?

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  1. Pablo

    Hello Christer,

    notification pop ups will not show up when an app is running in fullscreen mode (just because it could be very annoying when you’re running games or watching a movie…).

    In fact the function you’re asking for was considered as a bug for notification-daemon:

    I was checking if there’s any way to produce a notification that ignores the restriction for fullscreen apps and It doesn’t seems to be a parameter to control that, also no luck with gconf-editor.

    Did you consider using tilda istead of directly using gnome-terminal? I tested with the script below and it works for me even configuring it to fill all the screen when using tilda but not with gnome-terminal.

    import dbus
    BUS_NAME = ‘org.freedesktop.Notifications’
    OBJ_PATH = ‘/org/freedesktop/Notifications’
    IFACE_NAME = ‘org.freedesktop.Notifications’
    bus = dbus.SessionBus()
    notify_obj = bus.get_object(BUS_NAME,OBJ_PATH)
    notifications = dbus.Interface(notify_obj,IFACE_NAME)



    (sorry for my english, I’m from Spain)

  2. Pete

    I’m not sure what WINE is doing to get fullscreen windows? But I do know that all the popups, notifications and such appear on top of my fullscreen WoW. It’s actually quite nice, and I’d love to enable it with other apps.

  3. seth

    This is really annoying as it happens even when terminal is running full screen in one window on a dual head display (with notifications in the other monitor).

    No notifications for you!

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