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32bit vs 64bit Ubuntu, that is the question…

Recently I’ve seen a good bit of discussion regarding 32bit vs 64bit installations of Ubuntu. We’ve even had long conversations at the office on the matter as well. For a long time I’ve simply installed 32bit on my Core2Duo machine, even though it supports the 64bit installation. I just didn’t see a lot of reason… Read More »

Extended Video on the Macbook : Xrandr ftw!

Update: I wrote this quite a while ago and never posted it pending more testing.  I figure it can be helpful in its current state to more users than just myself.  So, in the spirit of release early, release often here are steps that I took for configuring extended display on my MacBook.  Based on… Read More »

Disable Bluetooth on Ubuntu 7.10

I’ve been troubleshooting some oddities on my machine this afternoon and one thing I’ve done to try and find some conflicts is remove some often unneeded kernel modules.  I thought I would outline quickly how to disable and permanently remove the bluetooth module for those that don’t use it.  I realize I don’t think I’ve… Read More »

Dual Monitor Setup Help? : 1280×800 + 1440×900

I ordered a new monitor the other day to replace my aging 20″ CRT beast. The thing still works pretty well but I swear it weighs one-hundred pounds. So, I broke down and bought a 19″ LCD that does 1440×900. I figure if I can extend the display that I currently have to an additional… Read More »