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FACL Support In Nautilus With Eiciel

Recently I blogged about the advanced permission management tool for nautilus, which could be switched on using the gconf-editor.  I noticed that one of the comments mentioned that neither of them had adequate support for ACLs.  This post will remedy that. If you have no idea what ACLs are you might skip this post as… Read More »

nautilus-open-terminal : terminal quick launch

Tonite it’s getting late but I wanted to post something that is useful for quickly getting to the shell from any GUI location. The package nautilus-open-terminal does just what you might guess it does. It allows you to launch a gnome-terminal from a right-click within nautilus. You might remember I blogged about something similar long-long… Read More »

Changing display modes in Nautilus

As a preface to this post I want to apologize for not remembering who mentioned the un-wanted Gnome feature. I want to say it was someone at the recent interLUG BBQ, but I’m not sure. I mean no offense by forgetting.. I’m sure understand. Recently I heard complaint about the nautilus file browser in the… Read More »